Working to reduce energy cost, promote clean air and drive economic development!

The purpose of Renewable Energy for Michigan (REM) is to educate homeowners, farmers and business on how they can reduce their energy bill and contribute to a cleaner environment by embracing and investing in renewable energy - wind and solar.  The cost of installing a solar energy system has decreased dramatically that a homeowner or business can save a lot of money over the 25 warranted lifespan of solar panels over the continued purchase of utility electricity.  In addition to saving money, by transitioning from carbon based energy like coal and oil to renewable energy, will help fight climate change, create a lot of new jobs and drive economic development for our State and Country.  

But for people to understand the benefits of renewable energy, they need to learn about it and that is the role of Renewable Energy for Michigan. I need your support for this effort. 

John Freeman
Executive Director of Renewable Energy for Michigan. I'm working to educate homeowners, business and the media on why we need to embrace renewable energy. I served as State Representative from 1993 to 1998, representing Madison Heights, Hazel Park and Ro