Climate Change is Harming the Economy

A new report, called the 'National Climate Assessment' was released yesterday, that lays out in stark terms how our climate is changing and how this is affecting our world, our nation and our local communities.  This report was mandated by Congress to be undertaken and was done by the Federal National Climate Assessment and Development Advisory Committee, that consists of 60 scientists that worked with another 300 experts. 

This is a long report and you can read it here, but there are 3 take aways for me:

1. That 97% of scientists that study climate change agree that climate change is real.  With that overwhelming we have to wake up and take this issue seriously. 

2. That changes in our climate is causing harm to the economy.  Although there is always a segment of our economy that benefits from rebuilding after a massive storm or flood, the economy as a whole suffers from all the damage and changes brought about by extreme weather and changing weather patterns.

3. That it isn't too late to implement changes to address the factors causing climate change.  One example is reducing carbon dioxide emissions from coal burning electrical power plants and moving to renewable energy - solar and wind - that generate clean electrical energy. 

The Wall Street Journal does a nice job in summarizing the report.  I would encourage you to read it. 


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