Expanding Medicaid is Good for Business

Governor Snyder needs to step up and be a leader and educate the Republican legislators and particularly the Speaker of the House Jase Bolger that expanding Medicaid is good for Michigan but particularly good for the business community.  By expanding Medicaid in Michigan, the Federal Government will send an additional $1.5 to $2 billion a year to Michigan to pay 100% of the cost of expansion. The Feds will cover 100% of the cost of expansion for three full years and then after the percentage will decline slightly but will go no lower than 90%.

Now some people scoff at the idea of the Feds sending 'money' to Michigan as somehow this money is fake and not real. But the reality is that this money is actually federal tax money that Michiganders send to Washington and previously we wouldn't get it back to Michigan, but now we will.

This influx of money will act as an economic stimulus to our State's economy. It will pay for providing health care to 500,000 Michigan citizens, who currently do not have health insurance. But what this really means is that this money will go to the business community to provide this service. To provide health care to 500,000 more people means that new jobs will have to be created including more doctors, more nurses and more support staff. And lets not forget all the businesses that feed off the health care sector. The bottom line is that by expanding Medicaid not only will thousands of people see the quality of their life improve by being able to obtain health care but a lot more economic activity will be generated in Michigan.

But Speaker Bolger and the other Republican legislators don't get this, which is frankly astounding. All Speaker Bolger can say is his defense of doing nothing is that the "Federal Government has a history of pulling back from its promises." Maybe thats right or maybe thats wrong, but its completely irrelevant because the Federal Government has already publicly stated that States that expand Medicaid now, will be allowed to discontinue the program in the future if the Federal Government reneges on its financial commitment.

So its time for Governor Snyder to lead. When I served in the Legislature, if Governor John Engler thought a policy made sense he would educate and convince the Republican legislators as well as Democrats to support it. Governor Snyder must do the same. 




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Expanding Medicaid is Good for Business
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