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This Obamacare Flash Mob hosted by Generation Progress - and featuring former Super Bowl player Donte Stallworth – is really cool. All of the young dancers participated in the flash mob because they support the Affordable Care Act and many of them personally have or will benefit from it. The flash mob was designed to help educate others about how the law will benefit them. 

I wanted to pass it along and hope it makes your morning too. Please find the release below and feel free to tweet out using the hashtag #RockEnroll.




January 30, 2014 

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#RockEnroll: Former Super Bowl Player Partners with Generation Progress in NYC For an Obamacare Flash Mob 

Young People Danced To Promote the Affordable Care Act During Super Bowl Week 

NEW YORK— Former Super Bowl player Donte Stallworth, more than 50 young people, and navigators participated in a flash mob Wednesday in Central Park to encourage people to sign up for healthcare. After the flash mob, navigators spoke with bystanders to make sure they had the information they needed to pick a health plan that fits their needs. The deadline to sign up is March 31. 

Stallworth initiated the flash mob, and shortly after the young adults and navigators entered to the tune of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Can’t Hold Us.” Stallworth released a video of the flash mob with a tweet Wednesday evening. 

Bet you guys didn't know I could dance, huh? ... Check it out!!!  #RockEnroll #GetCovered,” Stallworth tweeted. 

All of the young dancers participated in the flash mob because they support the Affordable Care Act and many of them have or will benefit from the law.  

“As we approach the March 31 deadline for enrollment, it is important for everyone to know that quality and affordable healthcare is available,” said Anne Johnson, Executive Director of Generation Progress, which organized the flash mob.  “We continue to see young people enrolling in healthcare plans, many of them for less than $100 per month.  We thought a Central Park flash mob would be a great way for people to tell their friends to get covered.” 

Dancer Brett-Marco Glauser is grateful that Obamacare stops insurance companies from discriminating against people with pre-existing conditions.  For the past four years, Glauser has battled Crohn’s disease and now, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, is able to access coverage without fear of being denied.  In addition, Glauser’s brother had a disease that required expensive surgery and treatments. 

“As I approach my 26th birthday, when I no longer will be able to stay on my parents’ plan, I realize that I could be denied coverage due to a pre-existing condition had Obamacare not passed,” Glauser said.  “My brother and I are extremely grateful for the added protections under Obamacare we experience today. Without them, we could be living in extreme debt.” 

Without health coverage, it would also be difficult for Madison Embrey to pursue her dance career. 

“I've chosen to devote myself to a professional performance career, meaning my body is my instrument, tool, and potentially, my main source of income,” Embrey said.  “The risk would be too high to take on such a health-oriented career without being insured. I need healthcare in order to begin my dance career, so dancing is the perfect way to make people aware.” 

Embrey is glad that the Affordable Care Act provides young adults like her the peace of mind.  Now, she will have access to affordable healthcare that will be there when she needs it.

To learn more about getting covered and options, please visit Tell A Friend and Get Covered


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