Many Uninsured Don't Realize Financial Help is Available to Purchase Health Inurance

A recent poll was released by Enroll America and conducted by PerryUndem, that indicated that despite all the media coverage of the roll out of the Affordable Care Act and all the problems with the initial Exchange website, that a huge number of uninsured people (69%) do not realize that financial support is available to them to purchase health insurance.

The irony is that the number one reason that uninsured people give in this same survey as to why they currently do not have health coverage is because they can't afford it!

This means that we have to continue to educate people and spread information that a tax credit is available for individuals making up to about $44,000 per year and for families of four making about $92,000 per year. This tax credit is provided "up-front" to help people with cash flow concerns to help pay for the health insurance. The amount of the tax credit credit depends on how much income the individual or household earns and is reported for tax purposes. When you go on the marketplace Exchange at, the website will ask you some questions about your family size and income and it will calculate what your tax credit will be. This will help you determine what the real cost of the health insurance you are looking at purchasing. 

But if uninsured people don't even know that financial help is available to partially off-set the stated price of insurance plans, then many people are missing out on purchasing quality insurance at very affordable prices. 

So please as you talk to your friends, neighbors and just people you bump into on your daily routine, tell them that health insurance is available on the Exchange and that individuals that make $44,000 or less or families that have a household income of $92,000 or less can get a rebate on their taxes to help pay for health insurance. It's a great deal!

The Exchange website is at 





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