Over 250,000 People in Michigan Signed Up for Healthcare

In a report by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, more than 272,00 people in Michigan signed up for health care with a private insurance company through the Health Insurance Exchange and another 67,217 people signed up for the expanded Medicaid program in Michigan.  See the chart that provides the results for all states in the country in todays New York Times and see the coverage in today's Detroit Free Press.

These numbers are very impressive when you consider the problems that occurred with the initial roll out of the website to sign up for insurance on the Exchange.  Once the problems were cleared up, the demand for health care in Michigan and across the country was very strong.  And of the total number of people that signed up for health care in Michigan, 79,741 of them were 18-34 years old, the so called "young invincibles."  Lets give young adults a lot of credit for realizing that although younger people are generally healthier than older people, everybody can come down with a serious illness or get into an accident.  The statistic that I found to be very persuasive for all Americans to obtain health insurance , is that 50% of all bankruptcies in America are due to unpaid medical bills. 

The quality of life is going to increase for these Michiganders that now have health care.  They can see a doctor when they first get sick rather than waiting until they become seriously sick and end up going to an emergency at a hospital.  Their children can obtain regular check-ups and people that are healthier or worry less because now they have health insurance, are happier and more productive at work. 

And lets not forget what these numbers mean to the Michigan economy.  Of the 272,000 people that signed up, 237,337 or 87% of them received tax credits that helped reduce the cost of the premiums.  This means that a chunk of federal tax dollars paid by Michigan residents and sent to Washington DC is now coming back to Michigan and being spent on health care.  This is a nice economic stimulus to the Michigan economy that will spill over to other business sectors that feed off the health care sector. 

But this is only the beginning. The window for signing up for health care on the Exchange will re-open, probably in the Fall so more Michigan residents can obtain health care and lead more fulfilling lives now that they have peace of mind knowing that when they get sick they can get the care they need!



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